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We discuss addiction, privilege, teenhood and trans issues with Juno, whilst her miniature chihuahua Prince, looked on. Save Me - on Sky https: You can tweet us thehighlowshow or e-mail is  thehighlowshow gmail. Links Feel Free, by Zadie Smith  https: In today's episode, we discuss that jacket worn by Melania Trump whilst visiting an immigrant children's camp in Texas; Lionel Shriver's follow-up to her anti-diversity rant; Johnny Depp's bonkers Rolling Stone interview; Dolly's new favourite podcast Dear Joan and Jericha; and why mindfulness should be less about emptying your mind - than filling it.

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Girls, Gaffes and the Duality of Language

Links Feel Free, by Zadie Smith  https: By Stella Bugbee for The Cut  https: Also today, we host the Oscar-nominated actor, producer and now memoirist, Gabourey Sidibe. This Is Ireland - a short documentary on YouTube  https: You can tweet The High Low thehighlowshow or e-mail us  thehighlowshow gmail.


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